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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 2, 2014 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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she got upset. she called me a dirty old man. she said she was going to call her parents. i... i told her it was me she fell in love with-- me and my words. i tried to calm her down, but she fought me and then she started screaming and yelling at me. so i... i didn't... i just needed to make her stop. so you choked the life out of her. (sniffling) i just wanted her to love me. nicky's very strong. she's going to be fine, sweetheart. i know. i just... i never expected her to have to deal with something like this on top of everything else that she's going through.
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well, she's lucky she has a very good mother looking out for her. nicky's got a lot of growing up to do. who knows where she's going to end up on this. a cop. why not a doctor or a journalist or a lawyer? what is so wrong with being a lawyer? what kind of lawyer? she's... it's going by so fast. it does. too fast. look, erin, danny feels terrible about this. man: i'll be outside. danny... miss connors. commissioner. please sit. uh, this is my daughter erin. hi. miss connor is the mayor's new deputy press secretary. congratulations. thank you. nice to meet you. i didn't mean to disturb your breakfast. yet, here we are. i just wanted to apologize for the other day.
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there was no need to make it personal. well, it takes two. and i do tend to dig in. nice meeting you. you, too. what was that about? the mayor wants to make a hero out of me. she's very attractive. she insulted my dcpi and called me obdurate. obdurate. well... you can be obdurate. well, thank you. dad, do you think it's time that you start thinking about getting on with your life?
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you've been talking to grandpa. no, i don't need to talk to grandpa to know that you've been through a life-changing experience, and... let's see-- life-changing. you mean like going through a divorce? you need to get on with your life. i asked you first. and what was the question again? do you think it's time you start thinking about moving on? how do you know i haven't? (both laughing) hey, renzulli. hey, nestor, my friend, how are you? what's up? i'll tell you what's up. that damn kid tagged my store again. oh, yeah? so much for second chances. go on laugh. oh, come on, renzulli, laugh. or maybe this time you w(mechanical whirring)nny.
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(laughing) i told you that kid had talent. is that us? i think it's us. yeah. i guess he saved the best for last, huh? (nestor laughing) fine. when you lost at trial, it'll be 25 to life. always a hard-ass, huh? runs in the family, doesn't it? yeah, pretty much. look, i wanted to come by and tell you that i know i screwed up. and you've got every right to be mad. though i... i wish you wouldn't be anymore. want to be friends again? you're such a pain in the ass, you know. yeah, well, i'm a reagan. captioning sponsored by cbs
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics.
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>> the big night at the awards. >> and breaking their rendin day -- day diet. >> that's part of the good week. >> bad week. >> i don't know how to talk babs about this stuff, to be honest. >> oh, no, he lost it. see you later. >> was it just a fling or the real thing? hat is going on with bruce jenner. >> wendy attacks bruce. and>> w stars celebrate tom for. >> i don't talk molly, i rock. >> louie with hollywood's hottest leading man. >> have they seen your movies? >> no. >> wait a minute, there is a person that doesn't like matthew's movies. >> i haven't made many in the last few years that they can see. [ cheers ] >> dang it. >> goes inside the neighborhood. >> make no mistake. sarah steel runs that down. >> like the mafia? >> like that, yeah. >> you had a busy week michael yo. >> that's what i do, kelsey
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knight. i went hashtaging with the kardashians. >> this is her iconic picture. >> let's go inside. >> i would hashtag it, yeah, i did that. >> the latest celebrity news delivered 24/7. it's the "inside ether with yahoo. you know, i'm not sure if kanye would approve of that hashtag but you certainly have a way with the kardashian sisters. >> we're funny, kelsey, come on now. >> obviously. welcome to the "weekend insider." i'm kelsey knight. >> i'm michael yo. r" tog >> i thought kim is going to kill khloe, tell me more, tell me more. first, we're breaking it down in the good wee >> bad week. >> a good week for robert downy junior. >> date night. k. >> if i can make it without my water breaking thanks would be fine. >> apparently, the third trimester gh for the man of the night. >> self-proscribed mandatory bedrest was of some benefit. at least my milk is coming in
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again. >> the true iron woman, his wifu susan hit the carpet pregnant in heels and eliminating the glow. they revealed the actual due date. >> we're due november 11th. >> okay. >> right? >> yeah. >> it was a bad week for wendy williams who angered the lgbt community for her hot top pick of bruce jenner's use of hot pick nail polish. >> he could wait until his kids grow up to not go to a pta with a shaved adams apple and blow out, pink nails and a cigarette. >> to suggest a person's nail polish color or hair style would inflict harm on a child is lewd -- lute ludicrous. what does inflict hurt is speculation on a person's gender. >> a good week for tom ford as his a list friends including
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miley cyrus came out to honor him at tinspiration gala. >> i want to ask who you're wearing, because we know. >> i don't pop molly, i rock -- >> clearly, gwyneth stumped our fashion insider with that jay-z lyric.he la ♪ ♪ meanwhile, a bad week for chris martin whose brief relationship with jennifer lawrence came to an end. ♪ >> according to "u.s. wea chris martin source claims the relationship was rocky due to insane schedules and they really like each other but it's so complicated with so much going ekly" somebody about to have ad week. >> who is that? >> matthew mcconaughey. >>is whole life is a good week. >> beautiful wife, movie star, i totally understand that. this will be a good one. he's blasting off into space. >> you're talking about his new movie with anne hathaway and >>h jessica chastane. she's so beautiful. >> his role is not astronaut, it's playing dad.
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>>was it like to have them with you? >> there is a lot of events i want to take them to but that's one, too. it was about my career. it was friends of mine, teammates of mine. >> the proud papa showing off his best works of art when he was honored last week. six-year-old levi and the four-year-old were bonafide car red carpet steelers. >> do they know dad is a movie star? >> i don't know if they know dad is a movie star. they know dad is an actor. dad goes away. we pack up and go to odd great places and what they got from, say, like last year, "dallas fire club." what they got from that, oh, i remember when we were in new orleans and dad, you looked so skinny, you know. here is a trophy. >> have they seen any of your movies? >> no, i haven't made many in the last few years that they can see. >> that are appropriate. >> we got a little time. i look forward to them seeing
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"inner stellar" here soon. >> with a pg 13 rating, they have a few years to go. the sci-fi space thriller hits theaters november 7th. >> mission does not work if the people on earth are dead by the time you pull it off. >> not far, no,. >> after working so closely alongside matthew during their grueling shoot, his co-stars anne hathaway and jessica chastain gave us an inside glim the working dad. >> how would you describe him as a dad? >> as a person. he'spse of curious and compassi. >> you can't talk about matthew as a father without talking about camilla as a mother. they are a team. he's so loving and so present and raising such remarkable children. >> both ann and jessica call you the perfect dad, that you're very present and loving and a remarkable dad. >> doing the best i can. >> you know, it's so cool to see actors transition into fatherhood. i remember matthew as a young guy with sleeves rolled up and
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played david -- >> in "dazed and confused." >> and now he's an oscner and probably one of the coolest dads ever. >> i love that it seems everyone has a good impression of matthew mcconaughey, all right, all right, all right. >> don't do that again. >> that's mine. ar win >> kate hudson, she might actually do it best. >> come on hudson, let's go, baby, uh-huh. >> that's prettyspot on. >> you know what else is spot on, besides your awesome look today? >> thank you. >> kortney and khloe's hashtag skills and we want hashtaging went hashtaging and talked s. about their new series. >> khloe, when are you going to find real love because you're one of the nicest people in the world. >> who paid you to say that? we >> your mom. she's outside. [ laughter ] >> no, seriously. when are you going to find that perfect guy? >> i don't know. i really don't.
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i don't think you can really look for it. you and i have these talks all the time. you can't search for it. when you know, you know, and you'll just know with every ou you. >> khloe's fresh off the break off french monnce ofut will have to relive it on tv. >> can you get the word i forwarded to you the other day? >> is it weird to see people you dated on the show when that could be over or still going on? >> french and i don't have any b issues. like i still talk to french all the time but i don't want to say his name, someone i dated season -- >> season like four? >> sure. >> three or four that i'm like ark ahhh! >> ray jay? >> i didn't date ray jay. wrong sister. >> okay. that was embarrassing. but my girls laughed it off. >> how are you feeling? >> good. i'm tired but that's normal. >> understandable. >> kortney is pregnant with her third child.
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>> i'm getting stuff out of house, which i love. it's such a good feeling. it's such a good feeling and just -- >> she sendsmy my house. >> i'm a block away and every day i come home and between her and my mom, kris dropped this off. what? >> quick g it to hashtag that photo. ready? this one. >> i was going to say g unit. [ laughter ]ame of >> hashtag rrrr! >> i was going to say ahhh. >> hashtag boss. >> hashtag why is there a cone there? >> the cone ruins it. >> i love -- this is her iconic picture. >> what would you hashtag it? d that. ld hashtag it yeah, i >> she'll have a career long after the kardashians. i mean, she's quick, whitty and let's be honest, sma di >> she's smart. you can tell your best friend khloe kardashian, when you see her, she's my favorite because she keeps it real.
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>> she does. rt. >> she's outsp. i love that about her. >> you're so passionate about it. >> passionate about khlo kardashian. we're talking about a fancy breakout coming up but first. >> welcome to the beehive. e >> tonya louis lee, spike lee is the host of the online reality at the show queen lee. the show's judge breaks it down. >> the queen bee is a reality competition show for female entrepreneurs to launch the big next consumer brand. >> tonya says the show is just as empowering for her. >> it's great that my children see that mom, mom works, too. closed captioning provided by --
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it is that that put charlie on the map and in all of our heads. >> yeah. >> and on our car radios non-stop and now on the cover of a magazine. >> this girl, you may not know her name but she's everywhere and everyone heard her song. >> i heard them so much, that fancy song, i like to think it's written about me. >> it's not. ♪ ♪ >> i don't feel like i fit in at all, but i like that. i don't reant to be like everybody else. ♪ >> and that's what we love about this 22-year-old brit whose allw songs sold 14 million copies in
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the last 18 months. ♪ i don't care >> i've always done it may way and will do it the way i want. >> it's funny you say that because i had written down like you look like a girl that nobody tells us what to. >> it's not fun to be bossed around by people older than me that don't understand what is going on in my brain. >> her fancy collaboration was the song of the summer. >> i was there when you guys were performing it on "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> she's one of the most cool and talented hard-working people in the industry. ♪ >> her upcoming album called sucker is one of the most anticipated of the year making charlie in high demand. she'll collaborate with gwen stephon knee and teamed up for the next "hunger game" sound track. ♪
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>> call you up on the phone? >> she actually like messaged me on instagram. i didn't know you coul message people so i think she thought i was ignoring her for ages because i never got back to her. then we figured out. ♪ d even >> did you ever get a day off? >> haven't had a day off for awhile, but if i did, i would probably drink champagne and kiss boys, that kind of thing. that would be great. >> also exciting, "fancy" is nominated for an american music award and charlie will be performing november 23rd on abc. >> the best part of the show, you'll be all over -- >> i'll be all over it. >> wearing a fancy dress. >> fancy dress for me. >> there you go. coming up, how to get away with cheating on your spouse. we go inside the site that makes it okay to step out on your other half. can i hold her? yes. cup your hands together for me and let's put some just around your neck. [ begs ] thanks, here can you hold him? [ bell rings ]
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yeah, there you go, amber, that's hot. >> wild and mtv has a brand-new reality show and it shows a different side of sarah palin's hometown. >> you get it? it's red necks with sleds because they are in alaska and it's snow and cold. >> yeah, i talked to the stars of the show who are also, by the
1:34 am
way, sarah's neighbors and let me say this, they held nothing back. >> okay. we have this perception of sarah palin outside of here but what is the perception inside? >> i don't know. but i know -- >> talk a lorash. >> they like to party. they do like to party. >> zack and trever, they would know. >> cheers. t of t >> they grew up partying with the palins and now, their new mtv series follows their ways in alaska. think jersey shore meets s. the trio told me their tiny town is no may bury. jackas >> were you surprise when had you heard the palins got into a fight at a house? >> no. >> a bloody brawl involving the former vice president candidate and her family. >> that doesn't shock me. there is a lot of brawls breaking out everywhere. >> don't not shove me in my face. >> and it seems like sarah is still swinging, at least on social media.
1:35 am
her new facebook post saying quote, what happened on the night in question wasn't funny. it was hue mulluating and frightening but it's palin's target who should be scared. >> dang it. >> is this true about your town? if you cross the palins, you're done? they are connected? >> they got connections. >> they have a lot of connections. >> so they are like the mafia? >> like that. >> say somcrosses, what happens? >> get fired from your job. >> i was fired from my job for telling the truth. >> the eyewitness account of ebody tol slugging a man in the brawl got him canned. >> i'm sorry this happened but then again, that wasn't me in the front yard. bris punching the homeowner in the face. >> she admitted she swung and hit the man and thompson is luckily working again. >> you've been doing a lot of interviews. you're not worried the palins wie after you when you're home. >> i'm not worried. >> you'll roll with it. >> i'll roll with it all day long. >> i love the honesty of these guys.ll com they really don't like sarah palin.


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